Film locations France : looking for the perfect spot

Our location service :

Film Locations France, our agency based in Paris is led by experienced bilingual professionals. We specialise in facilitating seamless film production service across France and Europe.

The company has over 30 years of industry experience in France, the UK and the US. We have a wide local network of crew and equipment suppliers. We excel in finding and servicing diverse filming locations, ranging from bustling Paris streets to magnificent landscapes across France. Our team’s local insights and expertise therefore ensure a hassle-free process, handling permits, accessing exclusive locations, and sourcing local crew and equipment.

Our approach :

What sets us apart is our practical creative approach to finding film locations and production servicing, no matter the budget. We understand the complexities of filming in France. We are great at navigating regulations and labour laws and then casting the best in local talent. Our aim is to streamline the entire production. We can work from initial location research and budgeting, going on to full production and postproduction service. Shoot France thus makes it a hassle free process to work in one of the world’s most diverse and beautiful countries.

Clients :

Our previous recent clients include Nestle, Chanel, Nike, Adidas, Jordan, Jaguar, Citroen DS, Land Rover, Balenciaga, Shiseido, the BBC and Suzuki. We have worked with advertisers and production crews from the UK, US, Japan, Chile, France, Sweden and India, so understand how to get the best from France for a huge and diverse range of projects. Shoot France can work direct with brands as agency producers or as a library and scouts if you already have your crew in France.

Whatever film location you need in France, Shoot France has it covered.

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